YAKUZA archival no. 288



This game has been checked and deemed a Gold tier because of the median made with the 2 scores: seal, A+, which is vibrant, bright and only has a very small issue (see 3rd picture in the corner) and the box, 9.8, which is barely perfect (the art has been moved a little bit out of the frame, perhaps by factory setting, and it has a bit of dust inside due to the original sealing process).

The tearstrip on the left side of the game is perfect too. These ones have a tendency to get the opening piece out of the tearstrip a bit, any small force over that area will cause this, but this one is like it was set on the factory.

Take into account that virtually 100% of Ps2 Pal (aswell as PS1) resealed games will either have the tearstrip glued to the box, or this opening area tampered (damaged, fully straight, without the tear tip, etc).

Overall a lovely game with a proper score.