TURTLES IN TIME archival no. 417

A CIB of Turtles in Time (Turtles IV) was delivered to be graded, it features the PAL FAH region variant with a common PAL instructions booklet.
This particular region variant is very hard to find complete nowadays, even more than the NOE region.
The box has several creases all around and wear, even in the flaps, which shows use damage. Back and all the sides are in very acceptable condition, which has rendered an 8/10 score since nothing is torn or missing.
Manual is in very nice visual condition, but it has a crease that goes inside to many other pages, not only affects the cover, but the entire booklet condition. Because of that it has been given a 7.5 score.
The cartridge on the other side, although it has some wear, it is very decent overall. It can be seen discolouration due to its age and material, but pins and main structure of the cart have not been compromised, so it has an 8.5 score.
Lovely game in a rare region variant, with a main silver score.
Hope it will displays good on your showcase!