THE LEGEND OF ZELDA archival no. 313



Game returned for recasing, grade kept as is. Further info kept as follows:

This sealed copy of The Legend of Zelda, Spanish variant Pal B for the Nintendo Nes system was delivered to our company in an exceptional condition.

I still has the 3rd party LRTB seam known quite well here in Spain, made by industrial machinery in wholesale quantities. These were bought through a contract with Spaco (Nintendo official distributor in Spain) in sealed distribution boxes. Then, they were sealed all in the same way still being in uncirculated condition. This seal is not NEW, but it was not made after using the game, and so the game is NEW unopened and in uncirculated condition. These games have been graded already by Wata and Ukgraders aswell. Here we can see the perfect upper flap proving it´s unopened condition:

What this game has that may be unusual to the inexperienced eye, is a sort of stains over the box, under the seal.

These were endemic in this kind of golden boxes in Spain (they were made in 2 prints of this TLOZ and the second videogame also), and they were created because of storage conditions, it´s not mold, but dirt:

This game also has in particular a small piece of factory cardboard under the seal, which may belong to other game, factory residue, or even the distribution box, it can be seen near the edge:

Since these issues are factory related, it has not lowered the score a lot, giving a Gold Tier grade to this exceptional videogame, not the english version, but the second most sought. A jewel.