GRADING REPORT: (Cert. #410)
This certification report corresponds to a 5 screw Super mario bros / Duck hunt / World Class Track Meet videogame cart for the NTSC US Nes system.
Due to the rare nature of this cart, (5 screws) extra authenticity efforts have been made and detailed, deeming it authentic as it follows:
- PCB BOARD: (condition grade 7.5/10)
Pcb and chips are Nintendo factory originals according to their details, aswell as serial numbers and configuration, furthermore, newer chip etched information proves that it was created on the summer of 1988 (8831, year 1988, week 31). These chips were always shelled and installed within a range of 0-3 weeks, which locates this board as probably the first having this game onto it in the NTSC US region.
* PCB and CHIPS are Nintendo factory made. ✅ 
* Date on chips fit other components and precede game release. ✅ 
* Configuration precedes SM/DH/WCTM double black glob chipset boards. ✅ 
- LABEL: (condition grade 5.5/10)
Label has some mild wear and damage, specially in the upper side, the damage it has sustained though, is fair giving the nature of the videogame and its date, for the basic daily use, trades or even storage conditions. Label also features a slight misalignment, it can be seen better on the right edge, but then again, some used carts do have this kind of issues aswell. 
* Sticker has been checked to the pixel level as legit.✅ 
* It corresponds to the first sticker design (red suit mario / no SOQ) ✅ 
* Wear and damage found not linked to label swapping. ✅ 
- SHELL: (condition grade 6.5/10)
Shell wear is consistent over all of the surface and the 2 parts of it. Shell code found inside is B-3, corresponding to the latest ´85 Nintendo spare 5 screw shells used in some other oddities aswell. There´s 5 security screws on the shell, which were seen in other R.C. Pro Am 5 screw rare carts already certified and graded by Wata coming from the same timeline as this cart.
* Shell case doesn´t have any critical wear, damage or modification. ✅ 
* Shell code corresponds to 1985 Nintendo 5 screw leftovers.✅
Overall this cart has been deemed to the best of our knowledge NOT A REPRODUCTION.
Overall this cart has been deemed to the best of our knowledge as an AUTHENTIC NINTENDO FACTORY PRODUCT.
Cart grades are rounded up following the next formula:
- ( ∑ ) Label (x0.45), Shell (x0.325), Pcb (x0.225)
Grade Now, Grade Limited