POKEMON ZAFIRO archival no. 439

This sealed spanish variant of GBA Pokemon Sapphire (Pokemon Zafiro) was delivered to our company in a not very fine condition, although some visual defects were detected at first glance.
The work done by one of our experts transformed the sticker residue seen in the next picture, to the very nice condition seen above.
It also had another sticker residue on the back of the seal, center down section, but as it can be seen it was very properly taken care of. (next 2 images)
Sticker removal service is totally free in our company, although it must be asked beforehand.
Sadly the seal itself has a 1.2 cm rip on the back center right edge, which affected somehow to the box, this rip and some wear overall has lower the seal score to B+, which would have worse if cleaning conditions were not available.
For this damage, and other minor wear, along with some slightly bumped corner, the box score is a 9 since creases are nowhere to be found and no warping is present whatsoever.
Overall they game has a deserving silver score grade, a very nice one to display in this variant with outstanding flash box cover, in an art edition which will make any collector´s desires come true.