We, LIMITED GRADERS a.k.a. Limgraders SL, issue this report certifying that the following videogames did NOT reach an authenticity verdict having been carefully examined by a minimum of 2 graders of our company, and having additional proof that will be included in this report.

A written affidavit could be physically sent to the owner of these games, stating likewise, and being signed by the 2 graders who checked the collectables and the CEO aswell.


In the order 410102EUROPE, set last 28th may 2022 by S.S.D. and received 6 working days later, three (3) videogames were found to be a REPRODUCTION, since the other 2 have already a separate report, we´ll only debrief this one now.

Particularly the following:




The list of reasons that made us think this was a REPRODUCTION are:

 1. The art is pixelated instead of a crisp picture, as Nintendo would make, these reproductions have poor picture quality. It also will feature a darker or off colouring in all the characters printed or images.


Reprodution detail

Original back cover, bright and far higher quality can be easily seen.


2. Small details will be shown wrongly aligned or blurry. In the picture we can see the TM from Mario Kart is below the title, while in the original game is at the same level, as it should be.


 Reproduction TM detail

Original game TM detail


3. Art cover is cut, printed and it will show an overall low quality.

Corner cut on reproduction detail


 4. A video and actual selling on Alibaba with all the details contained in this report is available online, these are sold in China for barely 10 USD each.


We won´t disclose further details or information such as weight or specific seams pattern but that is also used while checking and those are highly difficult to reproduce or fake.

We advise the potential buyers to carefully check all of the information before making a commitment to adquire a potential reproduction, specially in Nintendo DS platforms.

Grader no. 2 and 4