NES SYSTEM archival no. 302

Brief grading report (base edition):

This Spanish Nes system came here declared as Unopened, the front and the sides are intact and the box itself was in very good condition.

A vertical crease was detected in the back on the box, which has lowered the box grade, since its size is small compared to the item being grade, it hasn´t affected that seriously to the grade since the rest of the item is NEW.

Crease later detected by a second grader.

The system was checked about its contents with a special device being certified that the contents has never been taken out or the box opened with bare hands.

Since we grade uncirculated items taking into account the contents also (they don´t have a seal, so grading only a box is not enough in our oppinion), this system has reached a mean between box, system and manuals higher than 9.75, so it has translated into a GEM TIER 100 score.

It also had an original "El Corte Inglés" sticker, retailer in Spain known in the past for selling these systems.

A dream of collector piece.