MARIO PAINT archival no. 304


This big box Snes US videogame featuring Mario still has the original seal on it, and the box it´s in nearly perfect condition, a rare to thing to see these days in this kind of games.

It´s been graded in a nice big acrylic 4mm protection box, with an art background that truly implement the overall beauty of the game.


Seal has the original vent holes, which are more dispersed than the usual one on other 80´s and 90´s Nintendo US videogame. It has a tear, which has made the score to drop, although can´t be directly seen.

It has barely affected the box, which is in an overall very fine condition for its age and size.

There´s no bump, no creases, it truly deserves the gold score, and we´re proud of the created product, we hope it will display in all its greatness.