LONE SURVIVOR archival no. 435

This copy of PS4 Lone Survivor was part of a limited set released in 2016 by Limited Run Games, as its number 30 on this platform. Although this game was launched in 2012, there were no physical copies distributed at the time, so this game is one of the limited set made for this purpose.
Game was received with fair wear overall, specially on the seal. Some dirt and stains were seen once received, specially on the front cover and the back upper right section as can be seen in these 2 pictures.
Fortunatedly, after performing some cleaning some of them were alleviated as can be seen on the next picture. The remaining however, is part of the scuffing that the game has suffered.
The rest of the seal only shows a tiny poke on a corner, seen on the next picture, having all this into account, the seal has lost 2 grades (A++>A+>), still since it doesn´t have major damage or notable tears, it has earned an A grade.
The box itself is in good condition, it is not damaged or punctured anyhow, cover art also doesn´t show any warping BUT as it can be seen on the next picture, is quite off centered.
The cover art should be centered on the plastic within made for this purpose. This measure is taken into account on all new generation systems grading in all grading companies, and because of this, the box has lost 5 grades (10>9.8>9.6>9.4>9.2>) having an overall 9/10. 
The score of this game is then, a SILVER grade, well deserved for this rare and limited production horror title.