This grading report is for a DLC Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle for the PS4 system, this one in particular corresponds to the NTSC JP region of the bundle, and was only sold in Japan in a very limited release due to marketing decisions.
The seal we believe (3 sided seam, TLB or LTB seal) was manufactured and added after factory production by a big licensed distributor in Japan, there has been rumours that these bundles also were sold without the seal at stores, but due to security issues (code can be easily obtained or pictured once opened at the store) a distribution seal was decided the best method for selling these.
The code voucher inside the box is loose but it´s an usual thing in this region release, thus it hasn´t affected the grade, like a loose disc would.
As for this game, the seal and the box are in OUTSTANDING condition, there´s no important tears, bumps, or creases whatsoever, only damage registered has been a 1.8mm indentation on the upper left front edge as can be seen here:
This has given a 9.6 to the box and an A++ to the seal, although in retail sealings, we don´t take into account the seal score, but the box. Anyhow, a GOLD 95 (9.6 trunked to 95) grade very well deserved has been granted for this RARE Fortnite collectable.
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