Since this order contained these 2 high valueD games but they were in Base Edition, we will only provide no QR extended report, but this one:


Pokemon Yellow Archival no. 295:


Front cover featuring vent holes and 1st ed. pixelated ESRB logo.

This game is a 1st ed. US Pokemon Yellow sealed for the gameboy system, it has a nice front cover and the seal is almost intact, which is the reason it got a Silver Tier score.

Scuffing seen against the light, the only issue on the seal score.

The reason for having a 7.5 on the box are the deep creases it has, as shown in the pictures, since they compromised a notable percentage of the box, it has lost the 10 following scores (S-10-9.8-9.6-9.4-9.2-9.0-8.5-8-7.5) in a different measure for each crease. It also features the front down left corner bumped and warped. Score detail per issue is not available on brief reports.

Here are the issues mentioned:

Front cover and other sides are in lovely condition though.

 Depending on how other grading companies score the seal against the box, this score may vary, but we think it´s very accurate taking into account the very good seal condition.



Pokemon XD archival no. 296:


This game is the NFR US edition, sealed, for the GC system, it came in the system bundle, so it is more rare than the base game.

Sadly, it has some medium-heavy scratches that can be seen in normal light. Cleaning has been tried against these, with no results, so the thing that took out a good score was mainly the seal condition. It also has some small holes in the seal too, minor scuffing on the back cover and medium scuffing on the left front upper side.

Further detais:

Art box is very centered and it doesn´t feature major issues besides a minimum dust/materials on it (possibly they entered through the small holes or in a factory environment, so the box score is higher accordingly.