Age Of empires II beta 2 ARCHIVAL NO. 1006

An original and outstanding item from Microsoft Confidential has been revised, graded and authenticated by our company. Extra efforts has been made to encapsulate all of the items provided for a perfect visual experience.
The items in question are, a Beta 2 disc game of PC Age of Empires 2 from 1999, and 2 items intended for development corporate distribution, its full Beta 2 manual, and a full colour leaflet with the civilizations map.
Game disc has been tested and extracted, and it verifies as the original Age of Kings release on 1999, root archives do have different dates/hours on their creation, but it looks overall very similar to the final release. Beta 2 was surely the most near final checking on this magnificent game.  
Game disc Beta 2 has been proven authentic to the best of our knowledge.
The Beta 2 manual is also an original print to that specific release, not the same as the final game, but with some revisions, we can assure it belongs to the Beta 2 content.
Also, the manual is binded and printed on Legal size (U.S.A.) which further notes its origins.
It was most probably printed for the developing team and limited press on the office of Microsoft in July 1999, same as the disc, nearly 2 months before the commercial distribution of the videogame, which pre-dates fairly enough for this set to be considered authentic. 
The full set presents itself wonderfully in the special case made for it, a very hard to recreate, but for sure worthing the effort as it can be seen:
Grade Now, Grade Limited