007 GOLDENEYE archival no. 450 - 455


These 6 sealed 007 Goldeneye (Player´s Choice, NTSC US, 4 line warranty) came to Limited Graders in an official Nintendo sealed distribution box. At first sight, the box itself didn´t show any significant damage or bumps, also nearly all of them had a bright and clean seal, with a few exceptions on minor issues.
The games inside the box were graded as it follows:
- Archival no. 450:
This first game is nearly perfect in all its details, box has microscopic dust and details from factory settings, otherwise there´s not a single noticeable issue with it. This has graded as a 9.8 A++ (rounded to 100 GEM score)
-Archival no. 451:
This box features a mild crease in the front upper left and another one on the upper right zone, it could have been created due to the box factory settings, daily transport, storage or random movement since the creases follow the box curvature, and can be mildly seen on their lower counterpart corners aswell. Usually the games located near the distribution box sides are more prone to damage. Grade is therefore, an A++ 8.5. (85 silver) 
Detail on upper front left corner crease (1.75 cm)*
Detail on upper front right corner crease (2 cm)*
- Archival no. 452:
Box has a small vertical crease on the front left lower section, created most likely by the damage seen on the corner, measuring aproximatedly 1 centimeter, it also features some mild factory dust in the upper side, along with some minor scuffing to the seal (probably created inside the factory box or before) all this will be granting a 9.0 A+ (90 gold)
Detail on corner crease (1 cm) and minor seal scuffing*
- Archival no. 453:
Game and seal are nearly perfect, all corners checked in smoothly, still the game has some factory particles under the seal, these are not very noticeable, all in, it makes the grade an 9.8 A++ (rounded to 100 GEM).
- Archival no. 454:
Game has more particles and cardboard residue from the factory process, they can be seen in the upper side of the box, it has also been detected a small dent on the front right lower edge, since the rest is perfect, it has made the score fall to 9.4 A++ (rounded up to 95 gold)
Detailed minor damages on right front edge*
- Archival no. 455:
This last game has an horizontal dent on the front left section, around 1.5 cm long, and a mild crease and damage on the front right lower corner, as can be seen on the next pictures. It has lowered the grade to 8.5 A++ (85 silver).
Detailed horizontal dent against artificial light*
Detail on right lower damage, fading crease and bump*
Grader´s footnote:
Grading reports are usually made individually but since this is a bundle order from the same distribution box, all 6 games are included in this case QR code.
If any box is tampered with, it will display a full white line accross the edges. Send us an email and pictures right away if you notice symptoms of tampering on any Limited Grading cases. Additional videogame information, art background and fun facts are only available on the Limited Edition grading service.
All of these games have been deemed authentic to the best of our knowledge and their grades and archival numbers have been stored "as is" in our database. QR codes are directly linked to their online report and pictures in our hosting domain, and can only be accesed through the case QR code or sharing that link.