BATTLECLASH archival no. 408

This Pal España edition of Battleclash has been received with the distribution seal that was used in several Snes games in Spain, by the distribution itself, a seal with 3 side closures, known as RTB or LTB seal (depending on the side without closure). .
This type of seal was also used in most Game Boy Pal Spain seals, although it is true that the first editions had a different one, we can ensure that it is a legitimate distribution seal, since the box has also been serviced as new never opened.
The box itself shows stickers from the Nintendo Spain headquarters in Paseo de la Castellana.
It can also be seen that it was deleted (without having been a professional job) the SPECIAL PRICE label located in the central left part of the front, remains can be seen against the light in the following photo.
As for the note on the seal, it has mainly been based on the tear on the back, so 7 centimeters in length and? expose a part of the box. For these details it has been awarded a grade of B-.
The box however is in a near perfect state, what we look for in a collector's game: perfect corners, defined edges, zero damage from sun exposure, intact flaps, etc.
The only detail that it presents is that the front is slightly warped due to the little margin that this type of seals gave for the clearance of the box. This also happens in Game Boy Pal Spain, and because it has been endemic here since its manufacture, it has only been penalized by 0.4 points, with a score of 9.6.
The average of B- and 9.6 results in a grade of 80 in SILVER scale, well deserved despite the damage to the seal since, we insist, the box is the best you will find in this Pal España title.