GRADING REPORT: (At the client's request, in Spanish)

For this limited edition, our artist wanted to use an illustration that represents the change between light and dark, night and day, which is so present in the video game. Playing with the colors, on the left in bright gold tones we can glimpse a princess on her back with a background of nature and a lake.

To the right of the art, you can see the night, in the sky you can see a wolf in reference to Link's transformation in the video game and below the art is dominated by a sword stuck in the rocks.

This video game has been delivered to our company in exceptional condition, the seal is completely new, it does not have any slight scratches, not even against the light, for which it has earned the A++ score. There is only one upper scale, which would be the S class, reserved only for uncirculated items. 

The box has a stain below the seal, probably from the factory, so it has not been penalized much. Also the art has a deviation of a few millimeters. This can be seen by measuring the distance of the face in the lower right and top front corner, you will see that the face is not straight.


For new generation video games, which do not have cardboard in the manufacture of the box, according to the 2 largest Grading companies in the world, the issue of art centering is being taken into account, just as a comparison is made when to grade letters in other companies. The fact that the art is centered or not in a sealed game (in open games it does not make sense since they could be "placed") counts in the note.


Comparing this image with the previous one, you can see an uneven separation with respect to what it should be.

For the rest, a specimen worthy of the gold scale presented in this Grading.