TLOZ LINK´S AWAKENING archival no. 422

A CIB copy of The Legend Of Zelda Link´s Awakening for the original Game Boy system, region Pal Hol, featuring a high silver level grade, 85.
A removal sticker service was provided to the box, as asked by the owner. There were 2 stickers on it, one in the front right upper corner, which has been removed perfectly, leaving no residue whatsoever as seen in the next picture:
Unfortunatedly, the other sticker had a stronger glue to it and it already was chemically working on the box. Sticker was removed but the slightly damage to the box was already done by the sticker. Artwork though and cardboard have not been torn anyhow as seen in the next picture:
Box itself is in a silver score condition, having normal damage for its age, but overall a very good looking box.
The flaps were in outstanding condition for its age, meaning that every time it has been opened, it´s been made carefully and without causing it damage:
The overall grade for the box, taking into account all of the detail is an 8 out of 10.
The manual has some warped zones and creased, but only in the front and last page of it. The manual itself is in very good condition, without any torn or discoloration, having an overall 8.5 score.
As for the cartridge, is in mint condition, having only minor wear, it has a 9.4 score.
A very nice item of the original Zelda legendary videogame series.