TLOZ BREATH OF THE WILD archival no. 406



This video game in its Pal España/PT version presents multiple cuts and damage to the seal. It is also quite appreciable, the tear at the beginning of the Nintendo security strip, on the right side, which folds on itself and culminates in a tear of about 2.5 cm longitudinal to the rear left part of the box.

On the front there is also a circular loss of sealing in the upper part, where a piece is directly missing, a little further to the right on the same side you can see more damage, these would presumably be handling damage, such as those generated when moving the item and rub against a wall or shelf.

Multiple scratches can also be seen on the right and reverse side, however, as well as a small tear on the lower rear base, more than 70% of the sealing is in relatively good condition, for which it has been awarded a C+ score, which is the third scale out of ten, starting at the bottom.


Regarding the Score of the box, to say that for the damage that the seal presents, the box has remained in relatively good condition.

It should be noted, however, that the art is quite decentered in the vertical plane (it rests almost completely on the bottom) and in the reverse horizontal plane, where due to this, the art has slightly warped in the left central hole of the painting itself. box, part that preferably should be more covered by the art and cover. Due to this, it has been given a Score of 8.5.

Together a grade of C+ and an 8.5 makes an overall grade of 70, a Fair Condition consideration.