Two sealed Pal FAH Ocarina of time for the Nintendo 64 system were received in our company. This games used the average distribution 3 seams seal that exist in some PAL region countries.
The most known seal it´s the Nintendo logo Strip with Y folds, but this is equally legit although it didn´t had the same quality (most of them got tear on one side very easily and/or stretched and warped the videogame box due to its tightness).
The first Ocarina with the archival no. 461 presents as follows:
The box has a corner ding and a slight warped section as it can be seen on the next picture:
Corners are mostly intact, some of them are just "touched" and some white material can be seen on them, due to the bare cardboard exposure:
There´s another bump on the lower back cover section, it measures less than a cm overall, it can be seen here:
The main issue with the seal is the one mentioned on the presentation, this kind of distribution seal, usually warps the box or they just tear themselves on one or more sides easily, this is why the game has an B seal grade and a 9.2 box, giving an overall 85 high silver grade.
The other Ocarina of time has the archival no. 462 and it features the same characteristics as the other one, region and seal, but this one has a bigger tear on the upper side, granting this score of C+ due to its size.
The box though only has a small bump that can be seen on righ lower flap, this along with some dust that has penetrate through the upper tear, it has deemed an 9.4 grade, which overall with the seal, has granted a low silver 80.
Despite not being gold grades, both are truly collector gems on the Pal Zelda universe due to their scarcity.