SUPER MARIO 64 archival no. 443

This Spanish distribution copy of Super Mario 64, is a rarity, still sealed with the 3-clasp seal typical of Spanish Nintendo, it represents, even if it has damage, a highly sought after and mythical item, since it meant a before and after in the age of video games.
At first glance, a fairly significant tear in the seal can be seen, although it could have been due to handling and the passage of time, since the box does not present damage according to it. The seal is original, and it frames the video game, so it cannot be separated from it (in that case, it would not have been certified as sealed). However, it has a grade of C+, third lowest.
Although the box is practically complete, it shows three details that can be seen below, which have given it a score of 9 out of 10:
For all this, it has been awarded a grade of 75/100, although it must be taken into account that the damage to the seal has penalized quite a bit in general, if it was sought as a box collection only, it would have yielded a 9/10.