STREET FIGHTER 30TH ED archival no. 289


This lovely game created in partnership by Capcom and iam8bit came into our company UNCIRCULATED. 

Tests were made to ensure the game was new, and after that, the photographic gallery was created for the report.

It features nice folded arts inside of the front cover, and it was released in 2 variants, the red cart and the special and rare white glowing one (our graded game), these last ones were only distributed with a ratio of only 2 : 11 (1000 out of 5500 carts)

The only issue on the box, was the factory small red stains and 2 minuscule circular indents on the interior side of the right flap. Since these things we believed were made at the factory, it hasn´t made the score go down but only 0.4 points (from S to 10 and to 9.8). The rest is either uncirculated or perfect.


 For the art, one of our collaborators used a unique picture and then applied a Ukiyo-e effect over it, giving the maximum expression of collectabillia you could have on this game graded ever. Scenario is based on the Ryu character original fighting place.


It´s been a truly pleasure grading and creating this piece and we hope it´ll create the same feeling to anyone who has the chance of seeing it.