SPECTROBES archival no. 48

Grading report:

This game has a Shrink-Wrapped seal, denoting a 2nd print and/or distributor seal which in these platform and region, corresponds usually with a 2 seams enclosed seal with often vertical factory marks on the back of the game.

Since this is usual, is hasn´t been taken into account while grading, but noted.

Game has been graded for a partner/collaborator, so the copyright licenses has been ignored since it is not a selling, but for private use only intended.

Box is in very good condition, but the seal presents a few poked corners and a small hole around a quarter cm on the back of the game. With all these details, it has reached a silver Tier grade.

Encapsulating and centering this games has proven difficult due to the bulge on the middle of the box it has because of the amount of extra booklets and the cards inside, but we hope you will place them among your collection as the lovely items they are!