POKEMON OMEGA RUBY archival no 423 / 424

Two sealed copies of Pokemon Omega Ruby, one in PAL Uk and the other in PAL Hol, for the Nintendo 3ds systems, they may look alike, BUT they have a notable difference both in production and release.
One of them was distributed by Nintendo after United Kingdom became an economic figure outside of the European Union (CEE), so that game was created on 2020, as opposed to the real PAL 1st editions on 2014.
That detail can be seen on the CE square in the back (stating an independent UK distributor), as can be seen, they were no longer noticed in the original Pal distribution site in Germany.
It has some damage and warping in the zone depicted up, so it went down to A grade on the seal.
As for the Pal Hol copy, it shows in the picture below an slightly off centered art (it should be aligned with the protective plastic inside, but it´s off).
It also has some scratches on the back seal, so they both have a similar score in the end.
The Brexit prints however are expected to be rare since its distribution was limited in time.