POKEMON BLUE archival no. 401


This sealed game of Pokémon Blue, has all the characteristics to be an original game and with its typical sealing of the second runs typical of these Game Boy games in Spain, a sealing of three closures, has been graded in a GOLD condition.



The main reasons that have lowered the note of the box have been these corners, which is almost inevitable in games so old that they do not have rubbing:



It has also been discounted slightly due to the fact that the cover has warped in the part of the upper tab, it has been minimal, because although at first glance it can be seen, it is an endemic failure in Game Boy games with this type of seal, which it was sealed without taking into account the minimum clearance recommended for the passing of the years, as was well the case with other seals on the same platform.



The cover, yes, is shiny and in an almost pristine state, very shiny and eye-catching.

As for the seal, it presents an opening (not a tear) of about 2 cm on the right closing line, which is normal with this type of seal over the years, due to the error that we have just mentioned regarding the sealing of the distribution.

It also has backlit scratches on the back, which can only be seen at a certain angle and lighting. 


For this reason, it has been awarded a note of 9.4 and an A, mediating a very worthy note of 90 Gold Score, being the first Pokemon Blue Spanish version that the company grades in GOLD condition.