POKEMON BLUE archival no. 326


This 1st edition and very sought game for the GB US system has been deemed a low Silver Tier score.

The box details for the score are shown next:

It presents wear and light damage to the back upper right corner.

Same in the down left corner, these 2 took out 2 scores.

It has a medium damage crease on the front art, this was the result (most likely) of force applied with the thumb while trying to open the game. This took out a full point on the grade, the small stain in the O took out 0.2 too.

Upper flap damage and wear. (2 scores down leaving it at an 8)

Contents were fairly well packed though and upper flaps are in good condition.

The cart it´s been well played and used, so it presents scuffing and damage to the label and cart itself, also noticeable on the back. Label though only has some issues on the upper right zone.

Overall grade for the cart was an 8.5 after cleaning applied.

Manuals and booklets were measured with a weighted mean, resulting in an fair score also, next the details on them:

Slight torn on the Trainer´s guide corner.

Medium torn on the same item, front side.

 The rest of the booklets/poster are in NM-M condition, so it weighted an overall 8.5.