NINJA GAIDEN 2 archival no.322


This game was delivered to our company in an exceptional condition. Since it is an Unopened item (the flap was anchored whilst check with our devices), it will be assesed and graded keeping into account all of the contents.

The mean between the box condition (45%) manual (32.5%) and the cart (22.5%) was higher than 9.75, so the main score was trunked to 100, and since it is uncirculated, it has reached the GEM tier, although it is not a perfect score (because of some issues on the box as can be seen next:

Small double crease on a corner in the box. This took down 2 grades (S-10-9.8).

Small scuffing/light damage to the box, this took down 1 score (9.8-9.6).

Cart is hidden on a case inside of this kind of games, so being uncirculated, it has reached an S class. The manuals on the other side are unprotected on FC 90´s era games, so it has reached a 10, since the box doesn´t show any hit or warp zone that may lead to think the manual was somehow damaged.


Lovely games, with an excepcional art, will surely display in a unique way.