This magnificent Game Boy game was delivered to our sealed company. The seal corresponds to the one used in Spain, a simple RTB distribution seal that has been confirmed authentic. 
You can also see the original Nintendo Special Price sticker on the front, we have not been asked to remove it but thanks to that, it maintains some historical interest as well.
This is the second edition of the video game released in Spain.
The box is in a very good condition given its age, you can see some minimally touched corners and slight damage from storage or scratches. Therefore, the box has a note of 9.2.
However, the seal has two large tears as can be seen in the following 2 photos, at the top and smaller on the left side, mainly the result of the passage of time, since the box has not suffered from them. Based on measurements of the damage, it has been given a score of B-.
For the rest, a game worthy of any good Game Boy collector, with a Silver note.