GTA LIMITED EDITION archival no. 436

This lovely copy of the Limited Edition of Grand Theft Auto represents all that a European GTA fan from the 1st generation would want. This is particular, is the limited PAL version from 1997, including as extra content its 2 posters and an original CD soundtrack.
As it can be seen despite its age, the box and the cover arts are in very nice condition, showing just small signs of wear, and no crack whatsoever, rendering a 9/10 score.
The box has been confirmed as original for the region and year date release, after carefully examination of its hologram, which differs greatly between games on Pal PS1 releases as we have documented on our database.
The manual presents itself with a few superficil creases, one of them reaching to the second page inside, for which is has earned a score of 8.5/10.
As for the 2 posters included, the movie poster (up) is in way better condition that its counterpart, the map poster (down).
The movie poster has reached a 9.6 score, while the map, due to the wear (which we could not remove) and the small creases shown where its folded, has got an 7.5.
Either the OST cd and the videogame has been deemed as playable, they do have some scuffing though, which can be seen only against the light. Since the front covers are fine and these scuffing doesn´t compromise their playability anyhow, the grades has been the following:
OST Cd score:9.4
GTA game disc: 8.5
The mean we use between all the components (45% box, 23% game and 32% booklets) has been calculated with the extras aswell and trunked to 9, since it was near to 9 than to 8.5, thus giving this videogame a low GOLD grade score of 90. 
A very good item to collect and preserve indeed for any GTA or PS1 era fan.