GTA COLLECTOR´S EDITION archival no. 299


GTA´s games suffered from ban in many countries, particularly in Germany, it even made some of the franchise get later releases with years of difference between other Pal countries.

It also affected in the way that some games were released censored. This change of date release, affected aswell in some games to the seal and/or holo used in Germany, having differences even being the same game with other PAL regions.


This particular one features an V-overlap seal, motive that lead us to believe it was a later release or a 3rd party release.

Both the box and the seal present damages, not serious or deep, but the sum of them has lower the score enough, will be shown here:

These small tears has affected the box too.

Since damage is not very serious, the integrity of the box is fair, and it has only affected small sectors of the seal and box, it still has managed to get a low silver score.