Grading process

(Example of ventilation holes in a seal, a method normally used in video games from the 80s/90s in the United States and the rest of America)

The steps we follow when we receive your game to provide the service are the following:

- The opening and reception of your package is recorded on video to check its status and have proof of delivery in equal conditions to the original ones.

- The game is secured and begins to be reviewed, if necessary, the platform database and its various variants depending on the region, the type of seal that was used and/or is reviewed by year of distribution and country materials used (corporate database).

- It is carried out through contrast and meticulous review with various devices if there is any doubt about its authenticity (exact weight, thickness measurement, microscopic details, etc.) and it is compared with various specialists to reach a consensus in case it is difficult to ensure the authenticity of any game.

- Later, through a point system located in the employee manual, the Score is calculated according to the damage that occurs in the game.

- Next (if you have purchased an art or limited edition) a video report is made explaining the process and service provided. In addition, a written report will also be made and uploaded to the cloud, being accessible by QR code for the client.

- We encapsulate with our 4mm wide boxes, we apply the chemical to prevent them from being opened and exchanged, we let it act for 24 hours and then we prepare your package and send it back to you together with the option you have chosen.

We understand that it is a new service in Spain, but like everything, the first time something is carried out, it is subject to doubts, that is why we are here to solve them. Our professionals have dealt for years with the main grading companies in the world and learned a lot from them, and we can assure you that we offer the same services and more than them, and we have greater contact with clients as well as an unbeatable service. in terms of speed in the grading scene.

You should also know that the main problem that Grading companies have faced worldwide has been the shortage of boxes due to buying them abroad, leading to waiting times of half a year for one-month services, we only use product 100% national and really strong boxes, because it is the mission of the box, to protect your games and our evaluation.

Thanks for trusting us!!