This "complete in box" Game Boy Micro, 20th anniversary, famicom edition has been checked thoroughly and it has been deemed fully COMPLETE. Many others for sale doesn´t have the extra reg card that this one has.  
As it can be seen on the picture, the overall condition of this collectable is quite good given the circumstances about it. (These never came sealed or protected somehow by factory default).
There´s a slight degree of sunfade on the box, but the main issue is the overall condition, it has creases and wear aswell, that´s why adding all it up, it has a 7.5 score.
The outstanding interior inserts art is something worth seeing!
It has to be noted that it even includes the original plug adapter from Japan.
As for the booklets and manual, they are really in good shape AND complete:
The manual didn´t have a perfect score because of the slight crease on the front page (it barely can be seen) and some yellow wear on the back spine, both things can be seen in the following pictures:
As for the system, is virtually mint, having no visible scratches, only some slight wear overall. It also has been tested and it´s in fully working condition, no damage whatsoever to the screen or image.
A special case displaying the item wonderfully has been made for this collectable, we hope the looks of it will impress everyone, not only videogame fans!
A worthy high silver grade has been given to it, even though the box is not in the best condition, the nearly mint condition of the contents and the Game Boy, has made the score go up to 85.
Grade Now, Grade Limited