This service is already included in the price marked by Limited Graders on our website in all services, it is only necessary to request it in writing, in case the buyer considers that a price sticker has sentimental or historical value for him. would be left intact.

In this example we will see how a residue of various stickers has been cleaned and eliminated, which due to inexperience or error, were removed leaving marks and glue on this Pokemon Sapphire Edition seal.

We can see the first detail on the front, the surface is sticky to the touch and is even slightly warped due to the residue:


The first chemical that we have used has been an attenuated bleaching solution, which has been left to work for about 2 minutes. In the intermediate result we can see how the solution has reacted with the residue and its components, exposing and canceling the coloration they had.


From here we have selected zero-abrasion utensils to apply a partially liquid semi-pure solution based on ethanol, which, during another 2-3 minutes of work in the area, has eliminated the residue and the coloration of the chemical from it.

After this operation, it has been rectified with new tools, this time using a totally liquid solution. It is essential before carrying out these works, to check in great detail, preferably with tools for this purpose such as the ones we have, if the seal had any damage or ventilation hole, since this would be key to take into account in the way of applying The chemists.


The final result, as we can see, is compelling. It is important to know that for video games with stickers or residues directly on cardboard, the procedure would be different, since the chemicals to be applied and the waiting times are longer in the latter.

 On the back of the same video game we have also seen considerable damage to the seal due to sticker residue, so we have proceeded to clean it as well.

Here we would have the intermediate step, where the most consistent particles still adhered are eliminated.

The final result is like night and day as you can see.


Thank you for reading this article, we are at your disposal if you have any questions, and do not hesitate to certify your collectibles with Limited Graders!


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