We are proud to present you our equivalence table for "Grading" notes and their respective scales.

As you may have already imagined, the scale the payment includes general notes 80 and 85, while the scale air, of the 90 al 95 inclusive.

The note 100 scale is considered diamante (Gem) and is suitable for games in unbeatable condition and/or in an "Uncirculated" state (uncirculated games, coming from dealer boxes, unopened and still sealed sets, etc.).

In the following table you can see the equivalents, as you already know, we use 2 notes, a specific one (in the Grading label) with detailed notes, and a general one on a circular sticker to the right of the box that changes color according to its scale. .

The notes on the left would correspond to the state of the item's box itself, and the notes above horizontally, to the seal or seal.

the last column (CIB) It would correspond to complete sets, and its agreement with the first, of the state of the box; would be a weighting with that scale through the result between the note of the box (45%) manual/s (32.5%) and game (22.5%) of the total.

The scale of the box goes in steps of 0.2 from 10 to 9, and then in steps of 0.5 below. The difference between an S status and a 10 would basically be whether the box has been tampered with, put up for sale, or not (uncirculated status).

For the scale of the seal, some considerations are given as guidelines, these would be some examples, although more factors are taken into account:

A: The seal does not show damage to the naked eye, it requires a detailed study and a review by holding it against the light to see possible flaws or scratches, it may have anecdotal or imperceptible tears at first glance.

B: The seal shows damage at first glance and is large enough to be quantitatively appreciated. Several small damages in the corners, for example, would also be on this scale.

C: The C scale is used for items that have considerable tears, visible at first glance, and that may compromise the integrity of the box itself.

The proportions and measurements of the damages are present in our company's employee manuals and are part of its corporate information, so they will not be published at this time.

From LIMITED GRADERS, know that we are on your side, and if you need our services, you only have to contact us. Also, if you believe that you have been sold a re-sealed item, it is critical that you contact a company that provides these services to clear up any doubts, or even that they provide you with a report on it, which can even be used before the relevant authorities.



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