Our new box design and the latest thermal printing technology will guarantee you the ultimate grading experience.
Felix the Cat, July 1993 Game Boy NTSC US

We also launched a service for those items that are not so well known, and that need additional knowledge for their certification, prototypes, video games that either never went on the market, or were created in a visually opposite way during their development or promotion phase.

Kirby Super Star final prototype with
SA1 chip, USA SNES, only 1 in the world.

With a unique product on the scene, we position ourselves at the forefront of the preservation of collectibles and their certification.

Our new boxes with a current design, have a double outer frame, and a complete inner frame, which will cover your entire video game, allowing a floating effect and the possibility of viewing it 100% from all angles.

In addition to all this, our services include a QR code with immediate access to the evaluation report of your video game, and complete photos, which you can always have, a service with such transparency that it is impossible to find it.

New Limited Graders label, side QR code
and box with full frame.

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