We want to thank you for the support you have shown us these days, both on social networks and in your requests for services and orders placed on the web. We are working to guarantee you those Express times that we promise and that no one else offers.

We do not plan to create any live social network, or with gatherings, or subjective opinions that do not come from a professional consensus of several people. Grading companies worldwide do not have this type of diffusion, They are only professionals who provide a service, ignoring direct or controversial lives.

We do not know how the potential "Grading" scene in Spain will shape up, but the controversy or discredit between companies is not the way that currently exists worldwide, so we will not accept it or be part of it. A rating company is a service reviewed by several professionals with extensive collecting experience (not just local/national), extensive databases, and established training guidelines for each system, region, and type of game.

Our idea was to create a new product (our box design is nothing like the competition's) and efficient.

Some of our partners have had contact or keep friendship with experts and/or workers from large American grading companies and we have learned a lot from them, which is where this idea originated, however we focus on not making the mistakes that currently occur in some companies (they do not offer real grade reports, they put notes without explaining, and they have service times six or seven times further from the reality of its website).

Also tell you that our business idea had been developing for more than a year, encouraged only by the worldwide saturation of this type of services (Wata and VGA had an effective time per service with an average of 7 real waiting months, UKG of 14 working weeks, etc). This is because, in most of these companies, the boxes and materials were exported from Asia or a foreign country, instead of being manufactured domestically. We know that costs are greatly reduced with this option, but we are committed to providing a Premium, reliable and fast service, which can only be done by always having materials, even if it means paying more on our part.

Likewise, if you compare our express services with those of the competition, you will see that we offer them at half or more of its price.

Keep up to date with Instagram and Facebook because we will be offering you high quality and educational videos (there will be a Zelda Sealed from American Nes coming soon and the video of the grade will be offered!)


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